Our goal is providing a comprehensive planning and scheduling solution that optimizes the utilization of your staff.
We are convinced that mDr provides a solution that fits your needs and support the entire planning process.

We see planning and scheduling not as a one-time or recurring process but as a continuously ongoing activity where all people involved have their role.

Employees need to have insight in their planning and have specific needs about their assignments.

Customers want to have their work related requirement secured and fullfilled. Planners wants to understand the availability of their staff and other resources.

The administration wants to be informed about the real utilization of staff. Due to changing circumstances a work schedule is continuously changing.

To realize this, we provide easy to use web-based planning software which is widely applicable. Because we realize that the planning process is complex and can be applied in many different ways, we have put a lot of emphasize in making our solution easy and customizable.

This has been done by providing a wide range of options, but also by providing business specific add-ons and customizations that have been developed to cover business specific requirements.

mDr is continuously evolving. With an active involvement of our clients we are able to keep on improving our planning and scheduling solution to new requirements and needs with new functionality.
We stay committed to our principle that our application has to remain easy in use and applicable in many areas.

We offer our solution at the lowest possible costs. This is achieved by applying the latest techniques and tools, maintaining an excellent cooperation with our partners and maintaining the lowest overhead possible.

Because of increasing personnel costs and shortage of qualified resources efficient and effective planning becomes even more important. This makes the need to use comprehensive planning tools increasingly important. From us you can expect full commitment to keep up with this trend.

The increasing use of smart phones and tablets leads to new possibilities and creates new requirements. Everybody wants to be continuously informed on the latest schedules and be able to make modifications to the schedule. To support this, we work hard to further expand and improve the mobile version of our system.

Another development that we are focusing on is actively monitoring and validating the work schedule. To make this possible we have developed tools to enable planners, employees and if required customers to continuously monitor the status, accuracy and completeness of the work schedule


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