Terms and Conditions

The use of mDr, the Nederland ICT Conditions, are filed with the Chamber of Commerce for the Central Netherlands under number 30174840. The following conditions apply:

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The following additional conditions are applicable:


Invoicing and payments

Invoicing for the upcoming subscription period takes place on annual basis in advance. If chosen for monthly invoicing in advance, additional 10% of the standard subscription fee applies. If chosen for monthly invoicing ex-post on basis of actual planned employees, additional 20% of the standard subscription fee applies.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, payments have to be made within 14 days following invoice date or before start of the new subscription period.

Invoices are only send by email..

myDutyroster has the right to (temporarily) lock entrance to the system if payments aren't  made in time.



Contracts and adjustments

Contracts can be terminated up to one month before end date of the subscription period.

If subscriptions aren't terminated in time, they will be renewed for the same subscription period.

Increasing the number of employees can be done at any time. For annual subscriptions additional costs are invoiced starting date of adjustment. For monthly subscriptions the additional costs are invoiced the next invoice period. Decreasing the number of employees is possible starting the next subscription period.