Modules and Options

mDr provides comprehensive planning and scheduling functionality.

Depending on your specific requirements and needs, mDr also provides various additional modules and options.

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Personal schedules from mDr are periodically synchronized with your Outlook Calendar or Google calendar. This means that all scheduled events in mDr are available in your personal agenda.

To synchronize with Google simply sign in with your Google Account.

For synchronization with Outlook additional software has to be downloaded and installed.
To schedule employees across multiple offices, buildings, rooms, etc., this module provides all necessary options. An unlimited number of locations and sub-locations can be defined. Employees can be assigned to their default location.

Per location validations can be added, which for instance can prevent too many employees to be planned in one location. Scheduled shifts or tasks can be assigned to a location.

Principals or Clients can be used to assign shifts or tasks to a client. This in order to invoice work performed. Clienst can have multiple locations and sublocations.
For multiple object planning you can use the extra planning dimension.
The extra planning dimension can be used to plan vehicles, school-classes, meetingrooms etc..
The workflow for sick leaveis fully automated with this module. Employees may online report for sick leave or report return from sickleave after which emails are sent to the respective managers, planners or the human resource department.

When reported, a sick note is automatically put into the planning and repeated until the employee is returned from sick.
With the Leave Balance all planned and / or worked hours are logged and the accrued leave per year is calculated. The planner and your employees always have insight in the status of the accrued and used vacation leave.

The Leave balances are calculated, depending on type of leave and expiration date. After expiration the remaining leave hours expire.

In addition to leave-hours, also overtime hours can be tracked as time-for-time hours and / or accrued compensation hours.
The annual hour system is an advanced way of keeping track of worked hours on the basis of predefined rules and constraints..
The Planning Wizard offers several options for generating a part of or your whole schedule. Based on preset constraints, availability of employees, request and absence, shifts or scheduled tasks.
The minimum requiered capacity and part-time are also taken into account.

Also, repeating shift patterns can be scheduled over a longer period of time.
A shift pattern is a set of linked services, tasks and absence in a pre-defined sequence. An unlimited number of shifts can be set in advance. Shift patterns can be used to facilitate the scheduling of multiple shifts and by the planning wizard to generate cyclic shifts.
The Time and Attendance module provides employees the possibility to submit their hours actually worked. Recording of hours worked is based on the planned hours which can be adjusted or completed. If applicable expenses and mileage can be submitted.

The employee hours and expenses reported are submitted to the manager or client for approval.

Submitted hours can be reported, queried and exported to Excel sheets for use by for example payroll.
The planning can be validated on forehand or afterwards on the basis of Labour legislation.

Optionally other validations can be added (these will be customizations).
In addition to standard email alerts, alerts can also be sent as Text Messages. can be sent as alerts to employees. For example, an employee receives a Text Message when a shift change occurs in the current week or a message x hours before a shift starts.
Hours worked on assignments and projects, approved by customer can be processed. Invoices can be sent by email or printed by the Invoice wizard. All invoices are saved as PDF files.

Also manual invoices can be created.

Invoice data also can be exported to your accounting system (customization).
If required mDr can be set up in your Private Cloud.

For more information contact our sales team.
If required mDr can be installed on your local server.

For more information contact our sales team.