This overview provides an overview of the wide range of planning and scheduling functionality covered by mDr. 

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The home page provides a summary of the work schedule, important announcements, an introduction of the planner / administrator, calendar events and ; all available menu options.
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The core of mDr is the electronic planboard, the workschedule overview. Here the workschedule can be (re)viewed and maintained. Extended selection possibilities, personal preferences and different viewing options (i.e. day, week, month) can be used to optimize the work schedule and all shifts and tasks to be performed.
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Planning of shifts, tasks and leave is as easy as a mouse click. With the powerfull repeat function multiple items can be planned over an extended period. Previously planned items can always be changed or removed. Ofcourse only by authorized users. Start- and end times, work locations, principals and breaks can optionally be added or changed.
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myWorkschedule provides employees a quick and easy view of their personal work schedule. Over a longer time period planned shifts, tasks and days off can be viewed at a glance.
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All to be scheduled shifts, tasks and absence are defined.
Per schedule standard settings can be defined. If required, the standard settings can be adjusted during scheduling. Per item checks and validation rules can be defined.
As an example; for a weekend evening shift a minimum of two employees are required. The result of these validations are shown at the bottom of the schedule with red, yellow or green smileys.
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Administration of employee data can only be performed by the schedule Administrator.
Per employee personal data such as name, address, email, phone, function group(s) etc. are registered.
Also authorizations, labour conditions, work times, assignable shifts and tasks, are registered.
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Employees can be assigned to one or more departments, functional trades, teams etc..Examples are, specialist, head nurse, nurse, teamleader, supervisor, (taxi)driver, technical support.
Departments are used to structure the schedule, assign rights, and perform cross selections.
Per Department / functional trade applicable shifts and tasks can be assigned.
mDr knows the following user rolls:
- Administrator (all rights)
- Planning / scheduling coordinator (schedules one or more departments or functional trades)
- Employee (view schedule, request absense or leave, report sick leave, self scheduling)
- Visitor (view schedule)
To have a complete and correct work schedule a number of checks and validations can be defined.
At the bottom of the workschedule the results, whether the schedule complies with the schedulling rules, can be displayed
Email alerts can be sent automatically to inform planners, employees, administrators. Alerts are optional and can be set and maintained by the administrator.
Examples of possible email alerts are:
- shift notifications (i.e. 12 or 24 hours in advance)
- leave requests
- exchange requests of shifts or tasks
- changes in the schedule in a specific period i.e. current month
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mDr provides numerous settings and options to fit mDr to specific business requirements and needs.
The mDr Administrator can adjust the settings and fine tune mDr to specific needs.
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A general calendar is available to plan and set public holidays and other general or company events.
The Holidays and events are shown on the home page.

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A personal calendar provides employees with an insight in their own work activities and is also used for submitting leave requests, work request and shift preferrences.

If enabled by the administrator, the personal calendar also is used for employee self scheduling.
Employees can exchange shifts or tasks with colleagues.
If required exchange requests needs to be approved by the supervisor, administrator and/or colleague.
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To support the planning process, perform analysis and provide management information, a number of standard reports are available. Reports can be printed, saved as a PDF and exported to Excel.
For analysis or specific reporting, schedules, reports and othe data, can be exported to Excel.
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With schedule options the user sets the way the schedule is shown.
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The administrator can maintain the mDr user licence, increase the number of employees, the type of license, and extend the subscription to mDr.
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The administrator can release (part of) the workschedule for publication. Publication makes the workschedule available for employees.
The workschedule is only visable for employees within the publicationperiod.
Parts of the workschedule can be easily copied to a different period or employee.
The change log keeps track of all changes in the workschedule. If necessary, the administrator can retrieve user logins, changes, requests, sent e-mail etc..
If employees aren't available or locations aren't known yet, shifts and tasks still can be scheduled. Missing information can be added if available.
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If activated, employees can allocate them self to predefined and available shifts or tasks.
If required, the coordinator or supervisor approves or rejects trequests.
Employees are able to submit leave requests. If required leave requests are approved by an authorized; coordinator or supervisor. After approval leave requests are included in the work schedule.
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The leave card keeps track of the current leave balance. The administrator can adjust the start balance and if necessary perform corrections.
Employees can view their leave card and balance.
Employees can report sickleave and report return from sickleave.
Sickleave is included in the workschedule.
Administrators, supervisors or other employees can be informed on the status via email alerts.
mDr provides the possibility to synchronize the personal workschedule with Outlook and Google calendar.
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With predefined shift patterns recurring shifts and tasks can be easily planned over an extended period. A shift pattern contains a number of shifts / tasks / absense in a predefined order.
An example is four up three off. Hereby an employee works four days followed by three days off.
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The planning wizard is a powerfull tool to automatically create (parts of) the workschedule. This is done applying predefined planning rules and constraints. The generated work schedule can be used as the basic work schedule and adjusted manually for further optimization of the schedule.
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The planning can be enhanced with locations and principals. This makes it possible to assign planning items to locations, sublocations and principals such as clients. Several validations and checks on per example availability can be performed automatically.
if enabled, the work schedule can also be viewed per location.
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Timeregistration provides the possibility to submit the actual worked hours. This can be done on the basis of the initially scheduled shifts and tasks. The possibility is provided for employees to submit their worked hours. Validation and approval can be done by the coordinator / supervisor and/or client.
For a third party service organization the option is available to automatically or manually create client invoices based on scheduled or realized hours.
Created invoices can be manually adjusted, printed, or exported to pdf format.
Invoice types are:
• proforma invoices
• advance invoices
• credit invoices
The workschedule is validated against specific requirement such as defined in the the Labor Act.
Also other rules such as defined in a collective labor agreement can be implemented.
Next to email alerts, the option is provided to also sent sms text alerts.